Emerging Food and Foodtech Jobs

By CFIN Newsdesk posted 09-08-2023 08:00


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New food technology and changing operating requirements are transforming the way food and beverage companies work, as well as the employee skills they require. Following are just a few of the emerging and in-demand jobs now available in food and beverage manufacturing. 


Automation Controls Specialist/Engineer 

What They Do: An automation controls specialist or engineer works to develop and maintain the control systems that operate automated manufacturing systems. Specialists and engineers may also implement automation, design and develop software applications, and manage and monitor mechanical and electrical automation. 


Necessary Skills & Education: An engineering degree or a degree in a related field such as systems control, automation, robotics and computer science, experience in electrical and control system design, algorithms and software programming, project management, ability to prioritize and multi-task. 


Continuous Improvement Manager 

What They Do: A continuous improvement manager monitors training, quality assurance, and production processes in order to identify areas requiring improvement, while helping to develop and implement changes that will increase efficiency and reduce expenses and waste. 


Necessary Skills & Education: A degree in business or engineering, experience in business development and/or project management, Lean manufacturing or Six Sigma certification, communication and organizational skills. 


Director of Sustainability 

What They Do: A director of sustainability identifies the environmental impact of a company’s policies and practices, as well as its consumption of resources, water and energy. They monitor ecological performance and carbon footprint reduction throughout the company and its supply chain, while balancing the need for corporate productivity and profitability. 


Necessary Skills & Education: A science degree or other degree that emphasizes environmental knowledge and sustainable business, good written and verbal communication skills, experience with IT systems and sustainably-related tech, knowledge of data analytics. 





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