FoodTech Next

FoodTech Next is a unique funding opportunity for early-stage Canadian technology firms who seek to be part of -- or sell to -- the wider food industry. The program allows companies to demonstrate and pilot their innovation in operational environments to prove their solutions and validate the return on investment for the food sector. The overarching goal of FoodTech Next is to accelerate the commercialization of Canadian innovation by generating first demonstration opportunities.

Who Can Participate

To qualify for funding, all project proposals for any call must be:

  • Submitted by Canadian incorporated businesses with less than $1M in annual sales in their most recently completed fiscal year.
  • Seeking to demonstrate innovations between a technology readiness level of 3 to 7, with ideal projects ending in system prototype demonstration in an operational environment (TRL of 7).
  • Focused on a post-farm gate solution (CFIN will not cover agricultural production activities).

See the Program Guide for a full overview of the program.

Watch the recording of our recent Info Session for more information.

Project Size

The total eligible project costs must be between $200,000 and $500,000, and the maximum level of matching funding from CFIN will be 50% of total eligible project costs, or $250,000.

Funding will be provided on a reimbursement basis and CFIN will require a non-refundable project management fee of 5% of total project costs eligible for CFIN funding.

Timeline (Key Dates)

Our 2023-2024 Intake is now closed to new applications. Stay tuned for our announcement of the winners in early 2024.

2023-2024 Intake Dates:
Expression of Interest - ClosedFull Application Invites: October 10, 2023Full Application Deadline: November 13, 2023Notification of Award: January 14, 2024

CFIN reserves the right to modify dates and themes as required.

Companies funded by the Canadian Food Innovation Network's FoodTech Next Program