Thousands of food professionals from across the globe are becoming CFIN Members to access funding, resources, and partnerships to grow their businesses. If you're on the fence about signing up for a free membership, here are a few reasons to join the CFIN Community:

1. Access A Growing Community 

CFIN has members from across the food value chain, including: manufacturers, processors, retailers, distributors, researchers, government, tech companies, and funders (just to name a few!). We’re constantly attracting new members, so our community of food innovators continues to grow and thrive each week. 

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2. Unique Member Benefits

CFIN Members get access to resources and funding that you can’t get anywhere else:

3. All Things Food Innovation 

Our members care about all aspects of food innovation. It doesn’t matter what sector of the food industry you’re in, CFIN can help you access new partners, funding opportunities, and mentorship to bring your innovation to market.

4. Our Members Love Being Members

Finally, perhaps the most compelling reason to become a CFIN Member is that all our existing members love being members. Here’s what they have to say:

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