entrepreneurship@UBC Immersion Week (EIW): Let’s take action together!

Starts:  Sep 26, 2023 09:00 (PT)
Ends:  Sep 28, 2023 17:00 (PT)

Entrepreneurship Immersion Week (EIW) brings together storytellers and movement builders from across our ecosystem, to share their insights on the strategies and tactics that helped them transform their ideas to impact.

Last year, over 500 participants were welcomed across 3 days and 25 sessions to the 2022 Immersion Week. Each year, it gets bigger and better!

Climate change is the single biggest health threat facing humanity, and the climate crisis threatens to widen the divide of existing health inequalities across communities and global regions.

During the global pandemic, we saw a coordinated effort that inspired collaborations across a multitude of sectors and geographies. Many of the life-saving efforts adopted globally came out of University of British Columbia research, from cutting-edge vaccine drug delivery to novel protection and prevention devices.

How might we bring that same sense of collective urgency and action to the forefront of the challenges we are facing today? Beyond just technical solutions, what are the social solutions we need to change the systems and behaviours, remove barriers, and create new pathways to effect positive social, economic and environmental impact. 

As we think about entrepreneurship for public good, what are the opportunities in BC, a region whose climate and human health ecosystems are thriving, to lead at this intersection? 

Entrepreneurship Immersion Week is for our UBC community of students, staff faculty and alumni as well as our community of ventures, mentors, and BC’s innovation ecosystem at large.


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