AI + Food – Gastronomous Technologies

By CFIN Newsdesk posted 06-15-2023 08:00


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This series showcases Canadian foodtech companies that are using AI to solve a wide variety of industry challenges, including improving efficiency, pricing analysis, inventory management, quality control, food safety assurance and more. 


In this installment, we’re featuring Oakville, ON-based Gastronomous Technologies. 


What They Do 

Gastronomous creates smart commercial kitchens using automation, interconnected robotics and software to solve foodservice challenges such as labour shortages, consistency, profitability, supply chain management and waste disposal. 


How They’re Using AI 

According to co-founder and COO Kristian Tazbazian, the company uses AI in its in software to analyze data in order to improve operational and user efficiency. 


In the Media 



If you’d like to connect with Gastronomous, reach out to your Regional Innovation Director. 





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