CIFST ALT Supplier Showcase Series - Lovingly Made Ingredients

By CFIN Newsdesk posted 09-23-2022 08:05


CFIN is partnering with the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST) to present 
CIFST ALT on September 28, 2022 at the Delta Toronto Airport Hotel & Convention Centre.  


Companies participating in the show also have the opportunity to present a Supplier Showcase Session during the CIFST ALT Innovation Showcase. Here’s a preview of one of the companies and speakers you’ll see at the show. 

Judy Day, food technologist, Lovingly Made Ingredients    


Judy Day 

Food technologist 

Lovingly Made Ingredients 


Q: What solutions do your products or services offer food manufacturers? 

A: Lovingly Made Ingredients Ltd. manufactures innovative and first-in-market plant-based textured proteins that are sold globally. We also offer custom or toll manufacturing and project-based product development. We provide application knowledge and assistance to our customers to help solve their formulation needs. Our ingredients are made primarily with pea protein, but we also produce some unique pulse/grain blends for bespoke or toll production. 


Q: What makes your product or services unique and an alternative in the market? 

A: We are leaders in innovation and finding the right fit for the right product for our customers. We offer products that are non-GMO, kosher, halal and produced in a allergen-free facility. Our focus is on pea protein but we also work with a variety of Canadian ingredients and pulses. We’re not afraid to try new things! Sustainability is our reason for being and the way we constantly assess how we do business. Energy, water, inputs, packaging, shipping – we endeavour to be a force for good. We are meeting demand worldwide as our customers are hungry for innovations and supply. Unique shapes, blends, functionality is where we shine, alongside nimble customer service and utmost sustainability practices. 


Q: How do you maintain innovation as a priority in your company? 

A: We are producing next-generation innovations to feed the future of plant-based proteins. Shapes, sizes, functionality – we push the limits on what our equipment can do and are wowing our customers. The plant-based industry is ever changing in trends and needs, thus we need to remain flexible and retain our curiosity. We maintain great relationships with our customers and suppliers and always keep up to date with industry news and events. Keeping in touch with research facilities and universities always provides insight into new innovation opportunities. Our production team has a can-do attitude and are always willing to try our crazy ideas. We trial often and try to keep it fun. 


Q: What are you most looking forward to about CIFST Alt? 

A: Learning about other companies in the alt space and finding ways to connect and innovate together. We can’t individually save the world but together we may just have a chance at great success. 


Q: What’s your favourite alternative to either dairy, grain or traditional protein products? 

A: I enjoy oat-based dairy alternatives and I have to love all pea-based meat alternatives! 

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10-03-2022 13:33

Your presentation at CIFST ALT was great Judy, I was glad to have caught it.