CIFST ALT Supplier Showcase Series - National Sunflower Association

By CFIN Newsdesk posted 09-09-2022 08:10


CFIN is partnering with the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST) to present CIFST ALT on September 28, 2022 at the Delta Toronto Airport Hotel & Convention Centre.  


Companies participating in the show also have the opportunity to present a Supplier Showcase Session during the CIFST ALT Innovation Showcase. Here’s a preview of one of the companies and speakers you’ll see at the show. 

Speaker for the National Sunflower Association’s session


Michelle Peitz

Oils Technical Solutions manager at ADM 

National Sunflower Association 


Q: What solutions do your products or services offer food manufacturers? 

A: The National Sunflower Association is a USA-based organization that promotes the use of non-GMO sunflower in the creation of food and beverage products. 


Q: What makes your product or services unique and an alternative in the market? 

A: Sunflower oil has many attributes that make it a strong fit for the alternative market. Functionally it provides an oxidatively stable oil across each alternative space. Its neutral flavour makes it easy to work with. It has a strong North American supply chain and it is inherently non-GMO benefiting many of today’s consumer claims. 


Q: How do you maintain innovation as a priority in your association? 

A: The NSA does not innovate its own products. The association’s role is to educate food manufacturers on how to use sunflower oil in a variety of applications including alternative product innovations. The NSA offers webinars featuring technical oil experts and shares testimonials from manufacturers who have had success using sunflower oil in their products. 


Q: What are you most looking forward to about CIFST Alt? 

A: The opportunity to share technical knowledge about sunflower oil with CIFST members and guest and to hear from other experts about their alternative product innovations.  


Q: What’s your favourite alternative to either dairy, grain or traditional protein products? 

A: My favourite part of the alternative categories is how diverse and inclusive they are today. I have options to choose a flexitarian diet at home or when dining out and I’m more likely to choose that because they taste good! It’s easier to go out or cook with friends that choose or need a specific diet without them feeling left out or everyone feeling unsatisfied. The technology and developers are giving us options that are full of flavour, have texture, and are satisfying even to the pickiest of eaters! 

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