CIFST ALT Supplier Showcase Series - Dempsey Food

By CFIN Newsdesk posted 09-02-2022 08:00


CFIN is partnering with the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST) to present CIFST ALT on September 28, 2022 at the Delta Toronto Airport Hotel & Convention Centre.  

Companies participating in the show also have the opportunity to present a Supplier Showcase Session during the CIFST ALT Innovation Showcase. Here’s a preview of one of the companies and speakers you’ll see at the show. 


Belinda Elysée-Collen, vice president, Food Canada, Dempsey Food


Belinda Elysée-Collen 

Vice president, Food Canada 

Dempsey Food 


Q: What solutions do your products or services offer food manufacturers? 

A: Dempsey is a full service functional food ingredient distributor. We partner with supplier manufacturers around the world to bring innovative ingredients to food manufacturers in Canada. Our products solve technical needs for our customers, such as controlling syneresis, improving flavour, texture and colour, extending shelf life, controlling pathogens, and adding nutrients such as protein and fibre, among others. As a distributor we can offer shorter lead times and lower MOQ for stocked products. For a full list of our functional food ingredients please connect with a Dempsey account manager who can assist you. 


Q: What makes your product or services unique and an alternative in the market? 

A: Our account managers are food scientists and product developers who can quickly understand the challenges our customers face, and help them find the best solution. We are supported by technical and regulatory experts both at Dempsey and at our suppliers. 


Q: How do you maintain innovation as a priority in your company? 

A: Our team members are empowered to network and connect with new manufacturers to find the next ingredients. For example, we partnered with Innodal to bring Inneo for listeria control to food manufacturers. Our account manager in Quebec identified Innodal and then followed them for four years until they were ready to sell to the Canadian market. 


Q: What are you most looking forward to about CIFST Alt? 

A: We’re looking forward to connecting with our customers in person after so many years of virtual events. 


Q: What’s your favourite alternative to either dairy, grain or traditional protein products? 

A: Even though I work in the processed food industry, I choose to cook with unprocessed products like lentils and chick peas as an alternative to meat in our recipes. My family also enjoys halloumi, paneer or tofu instead of chicken or beef. 

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09-07-2022 07:44

I'd like to publicly welcome Belinda to the CFIN-RCIA team as she's joining the Board of Directors. We're excited to have her with us.