The rise of food apps

Anyone with a smartphone knows that there are an infinite number of mobile food apps available.

As well as the usual food apps that help people cook dishes, review restaurants, and order groceries, consumers are downloading apps that allow them to purchase discounted products that would otherwise become food waste or recover upcycled items destined for the dump.

Here are a few cool food apps worth knowing about:

Too Good to Go

Described as the world’s top anti-food waste app, Too Good to Go launched in Canada in 2021, and has spread to about 2,000 food businesses in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Vancouver. The app allows restaurants and other foodservice businesses to offer surprise bags of surplus prepared food and ingredients at end of the day for up to a third off the price.


This 100-per-cent Canadian app for couponing and surveys offers customers cash back on purchases (between $1 and $20), surveys (between five and 25 cents per 30 second survey), and for watching ads. Through the app, companies can access valuable customer reviews while increasing engagement with their customers.


Canada’s number-one restaurant app isn’t connected to any one chain, but offers consumers digital coupons for more than 10,000 major fast-food restaurants that can be scanned instore.


Flashfood allows consumers to search for local grocers offering between 30 and 50 per cent discounts on perishable foods that may otherwise end up in landfills. Consumers order and pick up their products on the same day at the store, where grocers say customers typically add to their overall purchase.